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Ondatra Adventures is commited to connecting people with the natural world through hiking and backpacking trips, outdoor excursions, workshops in traditional skills and naturalist knowledge, as well as nature-based educational programs. We aim to awaken and deepen your relationship with the natural world.
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2019 Calendar of Classes

January 12th, 2019:  Animal Track & Sign  (Huyck Preserve & Biological                                         Station, Renselaerville, NY)
February 24th, 2019: Winter Wilderness Backcountry Safety & Survival
                                       (Adirondack Folk School, Lake Luzerne, NY)
May 19th, 2019:  Beginning Hiking (Bennett Hill Preserve,                                                          Town of New Scotland, NY)
June 23rd, 2019:  Way Finding & Lost Proofing (Keleher Preserve,
                                 Berne, NY)
May 11th, 2019:  Bird Language: Interpreting Calls & Behavior                                                      (Adirondack Folk School- Lake Luzerne, NY)
August 3rd, 2019: Wild Mushroom Walk (Wolf Creek Falls Preserve,                                           Altamont, NY)
August 4th, 2019:  Hiking & Backcountry Safety (Bozenkill Preserve,                                          Altamont, NY)
July 20th, 2019:   Wilderness & Backcountry Safety
                            (Adirondack Folk School, Lake Luzerne, NY)
September 8th, 2019:  Capital Mushroom Apprenticeship: Meeting 1
                            (North Branch Nature Center, Montpelier, VT)
Sept 28, 2019:  Art of Friction Fire (Adirondack Folk School, Lake                                           Luzerne, NY)
Nov 3, 2019:     Reading and Interpreting the Landscape  (Location To be Determined)