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You have the dream, we have the skill!


Whether you're interested in an adventure trek, multi-day excursion, day hike or nature walk,  we have the skill and knowledge to provide you or your group with a meaningful and unforgettable experience outdoors. 





Day Hikes & Nature Walks

Do you want to start hiking, but haven't gotten out yet?  Or don't know where to go?  

Allow us to help!


We can explore one of the many natural areas in your area or even venture farther to take on some section hikes of the Finger Lakes Trail or explore the Catskills and beyond.


While on the trail I'll share knowledge of plants and their uses, mushroom species and ecology, animal sign and habitat, and whatever else we find. 

Overnight Camping


Turn a day hike into an ovenight adventure!


Ondatra can provide you with the knowledge and support to extend your stay in the great outdoors.  


Together we will determine a destination based on your desires and skill level.  Possible locations include, but are not limited to, State Forests, Finger Lakes Trail, Catskills, or Adiondack Mountains.  Perhaps you already have one in mind?


After finishing a rewarding day of hiking, exploring, and sight-seeing we'll relax fireside with a cooked meal, stories, and listen to the sounds of the night.

Multi-Day Excursions


So you're ready to take your outdoor experience to the next level.  A multi-day backpacking trip is in order!!  


Maybe you have a location, mountain range, etc. or portion of a long-distance trail in mind that you'd like to complete.  


We can help you realize your goals.


We'll begin by going over the basics of backcountry safey and examine the gear we'll need for the task at hand.  


Meals are provided for the duration of the trip.

We can also supply any major gear such as tent, sleeping bag, etc. that you may need.  

All guided trips are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of individuals, groups, and families.  After a conversation about your skill level, goals, and intentions, we'll craft the perfect trip together. 

Remember, all skill levels are welcome!

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