• Wilderness Living Skills 

  • Naturalist and Ecological Knowledge 

  • Youth and Adult Nature Connection 

  • Hiking & Backpacking Excursions

  • Guided Nature Walks

  • Team & Leadership Facilitation

Ondatra Adventures is based in the capital region of Montpelier, VT and operates throughout the natural areas of the Northeastern United States and beyond.


We, regardless of age and ability, need and deserve the opportunity to experience the natural world in all of its profound beauty. That every moment taken to explore, learn, play, and interact with nature and each other, a critical relationship is developed, nurtured, and deepened.  This is a relationship that has guided myself and many others, with confidence, through life.


Ondatra Adventures' workshops, classes, and guided excursions are skillfully designed to deepen one's relationship to the natural world in a far greater way than just 'taking a walk in the woods'.


As a Licensed Outdoor Guide and Wilderness Skills Instructor with over 20 years of backpacking experience including long-distance backpacking, I work as a Wilderness Skills Instructor with youth and adults in the world of 'primitive' skills and 'nature connection' with organizations such as Hawk Circle Earth Mentoring Institute, Primitive Pursuits, Earth Arts, and Lime Hollow Nature Center.  


I received a Bachelor’s of Science at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, studied freshwater turtle populations in the upper Hudson River of New York, worked as a Desert Tortoise Biologist in the Mojave Desert, and studied the symbiotic relationships between fungi and plants (Mycorrhizal Ecology) in the Northeastern  US. 


My passion for the natural world has been my driving force; a passion I'm dedicated and honored to share.  My connection to the natural world, to the earth, and its inhabitants has been and continues to be the greatest of gifts.


I hope that you take the time to get outside and explore with us!!



David M. Muska