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Wild Mushroom Immersion
Vermont Series: June 29th, 2024 - October 19th, 2024

The Kingdom Fungi is vast and curious.  Entering this world can both be an exciting and daunting endeavor. However, developing the skills to successfully identify mushrooms will lead to a lifetime of enjoyment.


Whether you're interested in adding foraged mushrooms to the dinner table, harnessing the incredible power of mushrooms as medicine, or have a keen interest in fungal ecology, this course will provide you with the tools and skill to move forward. 

Wild Mushroom Immersion 


- 5 Class Meetings (1 classroom presentation & Foray,

3 Forays/Mushroom Walks/ID Sessions, 1 Myco-Medicinals  (Mushroom Medicine) Class

- Wild-Crafted Mushroom Medicines for personal and home use

Wild Mushroom Immersion Workbook

- Worksheets, resources, and exercises to keep you practicing your skills of identification and understanding of fungi between class meetings. 

- Updates of species that are fruiting so you know what to keep an eye out for. 

- Interesting and useful insights into the world of mycology.

Wild Mushroom Immersion is designed to provide you with the fundamental skills necessary to confidently identify the many mushrooms encountered in our forests and beyond. This series will include Fungal Ecology, Toxicity & Poisonings, Edible Species, , Medicinal Species (myco-medicinals), Myco-medicinal preparation and preservation,  utilitarian uses of fungi, as well as collection protocol and harvesting ethics. 

Along with class meetings (field/foray time) participants will receive a monthly update including mushroom sightings, informative insights, and course material to keep you on track and honing your skills of identification. 

The series of 5 classes begins with the presentation, 'Mushrooms of New England' at the North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier, VT.  The Forays (Mushroom Walks) will give us the opportunity to explore some local natural areas and practice our field identification skills together.

Our final class together, Myco-Medicinals (Mushroom Medicine), will provide you with hands-on knowledge of how to prepare and store medicinal mushrooms for personal use along with the incredible medicinal attributes of some of our local mushrooms. 

Foray (Mushroom Walk) Locations

In order to provide you with the most abundant mushrooming experience, Foray locations will be determined 1-2 weeks in advance of the class meeting date.  Our Field/Foray locations will occur in the many natural areas surrounding Capital Region of Vermont.

 Class Meetings

Mushrooms of New England Presentation & Foray

Saturday ~ June 29th, 2024


North Branch Nature Center, Montpelier, VT

1st Foray (Mushroom Walk)

Saturday ~  July 27th, 2024


2nd Foray (Mushroom Walk)

Saturday ~ August 24th, 2024


3rd Foray (Mushroom Walk)

Saturday ~ September 21st, 2024


Myco-Medicinals Class

Saturday ~ October 19th, 2024



Wild Mushroom Immersion:
5 Months of Instruction including out-of-class Learning Initiatives & Wild Mushroom Immersion Workbook. 

This course is a devotion to the study and understanding of fungi, mushroom identification, and all that it entails.  In order to best serve you and your learning experience,  we ask that you complete the following registration form and we will schedule a short phone consultation to discuss the intention of this course, your goals,  & answer any questions you may. 
Wild Mushroom Immersion:
5 Months of Instruction (5 Classes) including out-of-class Learning Initiatives and the Wild Mushroom Immersion Workbook.
Deposit Only 
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Full Tuition including Deposit:



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The non-refundable deposit ($100) secures your place in this course. 


The remaining tuition ($500) is due by June 17th, 2024

Your Instructor:


Dave Muska is a Naturalist, Educator, and Wilderness Guide with over 15 years of direct experience with Earth-Based Living Skills and practical applications.

Dave currently serves on the leadership council of the State of Vermont Fungal Scientific Advisory Group (FSAG).  The Fungal SAG is responsible for elevating fungi and increasing the state’s understanding of fungal communities, diversity, rarity, sensitivities, and their impact on greater ecosystems. 

Dave studied Environmental Biology with a focus in Mycology and has learned from many talented individuals and professionals in the fields of his expertise. Following his curiosity and passions, Dave continues to learn, believing that a true educator must always be a student. 

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