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The Art of Wildlife Tracking:

3-Month Program (Winter /Spring)

Tracking, at its core, is a practice of awareness. A practice of observation as old as the human story itself. In fact, it is often described as the ‘first’ science; a repeatable set of values, tracks & signs, to be observed, examined, interpreted, and tested time and again.

Preserved through the passages of time, this practice has sustained and protected the lives of hunter-gatherer societies worldwide and has enriched the lives of people with the stories and tales of our animal relatives. Tracking is our attempt to understand a dynamic and living tapestry.

Our time together will include several fundamental aspects of Wildlife Tracking including Animal Tracks & Sign, Clear Print ID, Gait Analysis and Track Patterns, Animal Behavior, Natural History of local animals and Habitat Recognition. 


This is a wonderful course of study for people who wish to deepen their understanding and relationship with the natural world. 

This Program Includes:
Virtual Calls:  2- One HourPresentations (prerecorded) & Hour Long Virtual Meeting/Discussion (Wednesday Evening)

Field Sessions:  3 x 6 Hour Tracking Sessions/Field Time (1 weekend day over the course of 3 months)

Instructional Documents Included:

-Clear Animal Print Table

-Animal Gaits and Patterns of Movement Chart 

-Wildlife Track & Sign Species Account Journaling 

-Field Guide & Reference Guide Recommendations

Course Dates: 

March 23, 2024, 10am-4pm, Wildlife Tracking  

(Location TBD)


April 8th, 7pm-8pm: Virtual Meeting


April 27, 2024, 10am-4pm, Wildlife Tracking

(Location TBD)


May 8th, 7pm-8pm Virtual Meeting


May 18, 2024, 10am-4pm Wildlife Tracking

(Location TBD)

Location: Our field meetings will occur in natural areas within the general vicinity of and within a 20 mile radius of Montpelier, VT Locations will be determined a few days in advance of our meeting date to take advantage of prime tracking conditions. 

Deposit:  $100

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Full Tuition: $375

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Please contact Dave Muska at with any questions and, if necessary, to arrange payment options. 


* All Skill Levels Are Welcome

* $100 Deposit Secures your place in the course. Full payment due at the start of the program unless otherwise discussed.

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