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In our modern world we often forget the abundance nature provides. Join Dave Muska of Ondatra Adventures for a family friendly workshop in Wilderness Crafts at the Van Dyke Preserve in Delmar, NY.  In this class you will make a small melon basket from local and wild-harvested vines, learn the art of making cordage from natural fibers, and how to make stone necklaces.  Be prepared to hear some stories, learn natural history, and have fun with your family outdoors!


When:  Saturday, May 13th 2017



Where: MHLC Van Dyke Preserve, Delmar, NY

Cost:  FREE

Wildlife Tracking

Tracking is the art of reading the landscape and interpreting the stories that it holds. It is a dynamic and living tapestry of tales encompassing all that moves across the earth.  

In this class, you’ll be introduced to basic tracking skills and concepts such as clear print identification, track patterns, as well as techniques to develop your skill in tracking.

This is a great class for photographers, hunters, or anyone who wishes to deepen their outdoor experience.  

All skill levels are welcome!


* Please plan to be outdoors for the duration of this class.(3 Hours). We will be walking and standing still thoughout the class. Please DRESS ACCORDINGLY.

2019 Calendar of Classes

January 12th, 2019:  Animal Track & Sign  (Huyck Preserve & Biological                                         Station, Renselaerville, NY)
February 24th, 2019: Winter Wilderness Backcountry Safety & Survival
                                       (Adirondack Folk School, Lake Luzerne, NY)
May 19th, 2019:  Beginning Hiking (Bennett Hill Preserve,                                                          Town of New Scotland, NY)
June 23rd, 2019:  Way Finding & Lost Proofing (Keleher Preserve,
                                 Berne, NY)
July 20th, 2019:   Wilderness & Backcountry Safety
                            (Adirondack Folk School, Lake Luzerne, NY)
August 3rd, 2019: Capital Mushroom Walk (Wolf Creek Falls Preserve,                                           Altamont, NY)
August 4th, 2019:  Hiking & Backcountry Safety (Bozenkill Preserve,
                                         Altamont, NY)
August 11th, 2019:  Bird Language: Interpreting Calls & Behavior                                                      (Adirondack Folk School- Lake Luzerne, NY)
September 8th, 2019:    Capital Mushroom Apprenticeship-
                                           Vermont Series: Meeting 1(North Branch Nature                                              Center, Montpelier, VT)
Sept 28, 2019:  Art of Friction Fire (Adirondack Folk School, Lake                                           Luzerne, NY)
Nov 3, 2019:     Reading the Landscape  (Location To be Determined)

Bird Language: Interpreting Calls & Behavior

Sunday, August 11th, 2019                                                   Adirondack Folk School, Lake Luzerne, NY


Our fields and forests have a ‘news service’ signaling to all who are aware.  Birds report everything that is happening, from the news of a passing predator to signaling the arrival of a 'quiet' human walking up the trail, still minutes away.   

Bird language is an effective, fun, and exciting tool for observing the relationships of the natural world.  

I have on many occasions been led on adventures to find great horned owls, coyote, and much more due to my understanding of bird language and interpretaion.      


Join us in this interactive workshop in which you will be given the tools to develop this amazing awareness and skill.  Your experience outdoors will never be the same. 


This class does not require any prior knowledge of bird species or their calls and is open to all levels of interest and skill.

Photo: Marcy Herrick

AFS Members: $145
Non-Members: $155

Tinder Conk: The Many uses of Fomes Fomentarius

Saturday, June 22nd 2019                                            Adirondack Folk School, Lake Luzerne, NY


The Tinder Conk Fungus has been used for tens of thousands of years for both utility and medicine across the globe. 


Join us as we explore the uses of this incredible and useful fungus native to the ADK’s.  In this class you will learn how to use this fungus for survival, medicine, fire craft, and more. 

AFS Members: $145
Non-Members: $155

Art of Friction Fire

Saturday, September 28 2019                                                             Adirondack Folk School, Lake Luzerne, NY


In this class you will learn time-tested techniques to starting fire with friction. Yes, you can do that! We will cover the local species of plants that provide the greatest success along with the fundamental components of friction kits, how they work and why they sometimes don't.


You will leave this class with a new appreciation for the gift of fire along with the tools and knowledge to create fire on your own. Subjects covered will include tinder bundle collection and construction, strap drill (2 person), bow drill (1 person) and hand drill. All participants will build their own friction kits to take home.

AFS Members: $145
Non-Members: $155