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Foraging Apprenticeship

6 Month Apprenticeship Path:

Foraging is a skill that humans have passed along over countless generations.  It is a skillset and knowledge base that has largely been lost, yet still persists in our consciousness.


The Foraging Apprenticeship is designed to awaken this knowledge & welcome you into the foraging community so that you too may carry this tradition forward.


In this 6 Month Apprenticeship participants learn plant & tree identification, ecosystem recognition, harvesting ethics & responsibility, preparation & preservation, as well as basic mushroom ID. You will also learn to create items from the landscape such as gathering containers and baskets, rope/cordage, and much more.


Between class meetings, students will receive at home learning initiatives directed towards strengthening and developing their own personal knowledge base.   


By the end of this apprenticeship not only will you have the skill to identify and use many plants for food, medicine, and utility; you will possess a far greater and deeper understanding of the natural world in which you live.   

Do you want to know how to provide food and medicine for yourself and loved ones?


Do you want to deepen your connection with nature?

Do you want to develop a deeper sense of place on the landscape? 

Would you like to be a part of a community of individuals dedicated to experiencing and caretaking the natural world?

Foraging Apprenticeship Schedule

10am-4pm each Class Meeting

Day 1

Early Spring Edibles, Plant ID, Philosophy, & Harvesting Ethics.


Day 2

Spring Edibles, Tree Identification & Uses, Folded-Bark Gathering Containers

Day 3

Summer Edibles & Food Preservation 


Day 4

Mid Summer Edibles & Wild-Crafted Containers

Day 5

Herbal First Aid & Plant Medicines

Day 6

Tree nuts: Processing & Preservation 

Foraging Workbook:

Each month will feature assignments and activities to be completed on your own time outside of class.  These directives are designed to further your learning and development in this lifelong skill. 

*The Foraging Apprenticeship is intended for adult participants. However, teen participants are invited along with participating parents/gaurdians on a case by case basis.  Please contact us if you'd like to get a young person involved.

Your Instructor

Dave Muska is a Naturalist, Wilderness Skills Instructor, and NYS Guide with well over 20 years of backpacking experience and over 10 years of experience with Earth-Based Skills and practical applications.  Dave holds a BS in Environmental Biology (focus in Mycology) and has studied with many talented individuals and professionals in the fields of his expertise. Following his curiosity and passions, Dave continues to learn, believing that a true educator must always be a student. 

Foraging Apprenticeship 2018


Register now for this year's Foraging Apprenticeship and recieve the 50th Anniversary Edition of the quintessential guide to wild edible foods

'Stalking the Wild Apsaragus' 

by Euell Gibbons

Foraging Apprenticeship:
6 Months of Instruction including out-of-class Learning Initiatives/2018 Foraging Apprenticeship Workbook. 
This apprenticeship is a devotion to the study and understanding of foraging and all that it entails.  In order to best  serve you and your learning experience,  we ask that you complete the following application and schedule a phone consultation to discuss the intention of the course, your goals, & answer any questions you may have. 

Payment Plans Available:

 Message or call if you you'd like to set up a custom payment plan.

Deposit: $225

This deposit holds your position in the class and is non-refundable once within 30 days of the start date (May 12th) of the apprenticeship.  

Full Price: $900

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