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Beginning Backpacking Series

The Beginning Backpacking Series is designed to give you a stable foundation to begin backpacking safely on your own.  I know there are many elements that are overwhelming at first; gear selection, trip planning, tent set up, water purification, shoes/boots, and even cooking in the great outdoors.  The list goes on.  I've worked in the outdoor sports industry for many years and have been backpacking for over 20 years.  Along the way I have helped and guided many people to realize their dreams of hiking & backpacking.   
These classes will make backpacking a possibility for you and open a door to a whole new world of confidence.  You'll build a lifetime of stories, experiences, and lessons.
The Details....Beginning Backpacking I-III can be taken as stand-alone classes or as a 3 class series.  There is a $30 discount for those who'd like to take all 3 classes.  By taking all 3 classes you also qualify for a discount on the Adirondack Backpacking Trek September 8th-10th. Although it is not necessary to attend Beginning Backpacking I-III to be eligible for the Adirondack Backpacking Trip, experience and skill level will be taken into account upon registration.  
To Purchase the Series Package of Beginning Backpacking I-III and the Adirondack Backpacking Trip scroll to the end of the the page. 

Beginning Backpacking: Adirondack Backpacking Trek

September 08, 2017

Let's put our knowledge to the test in the amazing Adirondack Mountains!  Join instructor Dave Muska (Licensed NYS Outdoor Guide) for an unforgettable weekend exploring the mountains. 


Friday, September 8th- Sunday, September 10th


Location: High Peaks Region of the ADKs

Stand-Alone Price: $450

*Itinerary details provided at registration

Beginning Backpacking I: Gear, Philosophy, & Ethics

June 25, 2017

Beginning Backpacking I is the 1st class of the series and preps you with an introduction to backpacking philosophy and equipment.  We will cover gear such as clothing, footwear, sleeping bags, shelter, terminology, tent & tarp set up, knots, and Leave-No-Trace camping ethics, and much more.

Sunday, June 25th: 10am-3pm

Location: TBD

Stand-Alone Price: $90

Beginning Backpacking II: Backcountry Nutrition & Fitness

July 23, 2017

Success in the backcountry depends upon personal care and health management.  In this class we will discuss proper nutrition & hydration for short term and long term backpacking trips.  We'll discuss prepackaged backpacking food, homemade meals for the trail, as well as stove use, safety, and cooking techniques.

We'll also discuss building and maintaining proper fitness to prevent injury and increase success on the trail.   

Sunday,July 23rd: 10am-3pm

Location: TBD

Stand--Alone Price: $90

Beginning Backpacking III: Navigation and Backcountry Safety

August 06, 2017

In this class we discuss navigation.  We will cover map & compass navigation as well as aid-less navigation.  The second half of the class will be devoted to backcountry safety and emergency survival protocol to keep you safe until rescue. 

Sunday, August 6th: 10am-4pm

Location: TBD

Stand--Alone Price: $90

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